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Playlist of the Week: Sept. 1, 2014


I’m not much of a musician. I sing in the shower. I used to sing with my choir once upon a time but now I’m kinda rusty at it.
Anyway, here’s my current playlist for this week. Some of these songs aren’t current. At the latest, these were released a couple of years ago. I discovered some them while watching tv shows like HIMYM, Community, Suits, and Bones. Others, I discovered from friends. There’s even one Bisaya song I liked listening to again and again and again.
Here goes.

This song popped out when Mike Ross was getting paranoid about getting caught as a fraud in Suits. I realized the overall lyrics of the song didn’t match the scene but the mere repetition of the word sacrilege makes the scene it much more powerful.
The song is about someone (man or woman – it’s doesn’t really matter now, does it?) who committed infidelity. The premise isn’t new but listen to the song and you’ll understand and feel the persona’s confusion and guilt. Wait, it does sound like Mike Ross. @_@

I heard this song from Bones. Brennan was examining the remains of the victim (I don’t remember who it was) and she had her headphones on. This song was in her Ipod.
This song reminds me of waltz. Maybe it is waltz. It’s just so light and relaxing. It’s my lullaby whenever I can’t sleep.

Remember the episode from HIMYM when… oh there were a lot of scenes. I don’t remember them all! But I do remember it had something to do with Ted telling Robin how he still had feelings for her but Robin just found out she can’t have kids so she said she “Can’t have this right now”. After the scene, the Christmas tree still blinked merrily as if nothing huge happened.
I listen to this one whenever I’m frustrated. It has this balance of calm and angst.
HIMYM was the reason why I found out about Florence + The Machine. And then I started surfing her other songs.As a bonus, I’m gonna add my favorite song here:

I heard this one from a lot of shows and movies but this one was stuck in my head when they played this in Community. I think it was back in season 1 when Jeff and Annie won the debate contest and this one was kinda like the victory song in the background.
You’ll hear more awesome songs in Community. But more importantly, you’ll have a lot of laughs from these dorky band of misfits. Seriously, who puts a religious married woman, a hippie, an ultra-competitive teen, a jock, a jerk, a weirdo, and a gay guy who’s into dalmatian fetish together in one show? Dan Harmon, that’s who.

Some of my friends were English majors who were taking this Visayan Appreciation class. They were actually the ones who also made me appreciate the beauty of Bisaya. No, they didn’t force me.
This one is a sweetie song. It’s even in the airwaves and jeepney rides I take in the city. I don’t mind hearing this one whenever I’m on my way home.
Wow, and I notice I unintentionally did recommend you tv shows to watch as well. haha! Or didn’t I?
So that’s my playlist for the week. Do you have any songs you could suggest me? Comment away.
For now….
Peace out! 🙂