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Oh, Dear


My favorite playwright reminds me of you. You practically introduced him to me. My favorite play reminds me of you. We practically played out the same story.


I’ve written an alternate story out of it. It’s not some sort of literature where you’d get to unlock the private events of my life. It’s my way of overwriting your mark in his work of art. 


My muse inspired me to write this. Up until now, he probably doesn’t know he’s my inspiration. Or, he’s that good acting oblivious.


I’ve possessed my muse before. It was you. Look where we are.  I’ve learned my lesson. I cannot possess him.


obnoxious witch strikes: Top 10 Realizations in my Life


10. ) never let your life revolve around someone or something

because once that someone or something vanishes; you’re left with remnants of a life you once knew and the shattered pieces of your broken heart. trust me guys, i learned that the hard way.

you can do different kinds of activities in your spare time; like bungee jumping. face your fears. get into theater! hahaha..

9.) when a favor puts you in a pinch, don’t do it

remember that time when you were so pressured with school or work and then a friend asks you for a favor. now, depending on the favor, just say no for heaven’s sake. if he or she is asking you to do his or her job for him/her, then damn it man, carino brutal! (cruel love). if he or she is asking you to donate your blood because he or she is sick, then that’s the time you say yes. dude! that’s your friend. 🙂

now that i think about it, learn to say no is more appropriate.

8.) keep your promises

i know, sounds too cliche but ever since i was little i’ve gotten used to being disappointed so promises, for me, don’t have that much bearing. i’ve come to realize that promises are important. a promise is a pact, a vow, an agreement. keeping promises is a sign of strength and integrity. keep your promises, especially promises you keep for yourself.

7.) man up (or woman up) 🙂

own up to your mistakes. be accountable of your own actions. you can’t blame others for how screwed up your life is. do something about it. take charge of your life. and yes, i learned that the hard way, too.

6.) dream

let your imagination flow. reach for the stars as what woody said. always wanted to meet tracy mcgrady? always wanted to become a playwright (yeah…)? don’t brush it off as something far-fetched and would never come true. keep them in you hard-drive of a brain. maybe someday it might come true.

5.)  be weird

eccentric is just another word for sticking-out-like-a-sore-thumb. be different. break the status quo. dare to deviate from the majority.

4.) accept change

let’s face it. this is a pain in the ass. from presidents to trends and season after season, we will never be rid of change. embrace change.

3.) color outside the lines

challenge yourself to think outside the box. try to do things no one has ever thought of.

2.) don’t ever let your guard down

the night is dark and full of terrors (game of thrones fanatic). but seriously, always have a pepper spray in hand. better yet, learn self-defense techniques like krav maga.

1.) you can’t forgive and never forget. you can’t forget and never forgive.

true forgiveness happens when you wipe the slate clean.