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Different Houses


Building dreams together is one of the perks of being in a relationship. It makes me look forward for the future. But when the relationship gets awry….
She met a boy who wished for a simple home in a suburban neighborhood. No qualms and chaos. Just there to have peace and quiet. Now, he is gone.

She almost fell in love with a man who wanted a house on top of a century-old tree. He would build his own tree house and put a sun roof so all the light would come in. Now, he is pursuing someone else.

She fell in love with a man who dreamt of a Pi-shaped house with her. A white Pi-shaped house with an Olympic size swimming pool in between the elongated parts of the house. Now, he is with someone else.

The tragedy of it all? They never asked her what she wanted.

In all fairness, I still don’t know how my ‘dream house’ would look like. o.O
What does your dream house look like?

Peace out!


obnoxious witch strikes: i learned something new!


so this week a friend of mine introduced me to blackout poetry.

you need a book ( preferably an old novel you wouldn’t read again) and a sharpie.

what you do, basically is, you try to make a poem by blacking out words in a page using a sharpie.

like this one:


this is from a friend of mine.  she told me she got the idea from the internet, but to actually see another poem or another art within an art is by itself genius.

i love it when i learn something new. it’s one of the reasons why i want to get up every morning and go out into the world. 🙂

remember: laugh even when you’re sad.