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Different Houses


Building dreams together is one of the perks of being in a relationship. It makes me look forward for the future. But when the relationship gets awry….
She met a boy who wished for a simple home in a suburban neighborhood. No qualms and chaos. Just there to have peace and quiet. Now, he is gone.

She almost fell in love with a man who wanted a house on top of a century-old tree. He would build his own tree house and put a sun roof so all the light would come in. Now, he is pursuing someone else.

She fell in love with a man who dreamt of a Pi-shaped house with her. A white Pi-shaped house with an Olympic size swimming pool in between the elongated parts of the house. Now, he is with someone else.

The tragedy of it all? They never asked her what she wanted.

In all fairness, I still don’t know how my ‘dream house’ would look like. o.O
What does your dream house look like?

Peace out!


Would it?


I wrote this when I was ‘past the point of no return’ and started noticing that I still liked the things he liked even after we broke up. I know some of my friends hate certain things simply because these remind them so much of their exes. I saw myself not hating these things at all, no matter how much I wanted to, if only to forget him.

Would it matter if I still love the things you made me love?

I still love the coffee down at the bakery where we used to share a cup. I still love the book you bought me at the thrift bookstore when I didn’t have enough money. I still love the film you made me watch because you said it was amazing. If I still love the things I associate with you, then does that make me still love you?

I found a place that serves better, and I mean way better, coffee than that bakeshop. I bought a book and have actually read it more than a couple of times. I watched a film that made me laugh, cry, and love my life even more when I got out of the cinema. But I still love the things you love, does that make me still love you?

Would it matter if I still love the things you made me love? Maybe. Maybe not.

I’m with good company, if ever you’re wondering. Nope? Oh, my bad.


Peace out!



I wrote this when I was cleaning my room and I found le ex’s hanky. dun dun dun dun….

Handkerchief. That handkerchief. That red tribal-printed handkerchief was all he left her; was all she kept. She threw everything away; those gifts, those letters, those poems, those promises, except for that handkerchief.

To tell you honestly, he didn’t give her the handkerchief. She stole it form him. Or maybe he knew she took it. He just didn’t bother getting it back from her.

That’s what he did. He stole her. He robbed her of her innocence and she gladly gave it away. Was it still stealing?

Memory. At some point, a stimulus will cross her path and activate those neurons in her brain to tap the black box of forbidden and ill-forgotten dreams. Like a movie reel, the past plays before her like an unstoppable force of reckoning.

That handkerchief. That red tribal-printed handkerchief. She is burning it.

Have I ever written anything not sad? I dunno. I suck at writing happy things. >_<

But what do you think?
Peace out!

Looking Back And Staring Beyond


With the holiday rush gone and the first month of the year about to run out of days, I’ve come to look back on how I spent my 2013. It was kind of unfair to my friends and acquaintances that I have houdini-ed (you know, disappeared into thin air) on them. And for that, I apologize. Let’s just say I didn’t feel well and had to take my time off.

I was fortunate to have had opportunities in acting and playwriting as friends and acquaintances offered them to me. And I grabbed each opportunity. I always say to myself “Fortune never smiles on people who say no.” which I got from Josh Radnor’s film “Liberal Arts” (you should watch this film and tell me what you think). It’s with these blessings that I’ve realized how a Higher Being works wonders in one’s fate. 

As for my writing, I did finish one play. And when a literary awarded guru critiqued it, it was shredded into bits and pieces before me. Figuratively, of course! There. There. He said I had a knack for dialogue which I very much took as a compliment coz if it wasn’t then I don’t know what is. Which reminds me, deadline is on January 31, 2014. o.O

As with everyone else, I met acquaintances who eventually became friends. Looking back, I can’t believe I spent hours playing Dungeons and Dragons with fellow  self-proclaimed proud nerds! Haha!

I also I regret not spending enough time with my friends who I have come to grow up with; like my friends from Yahweh’s Choir.

Losing someone you have known and have looked up to growing up felt so surreal. Kind of like how amputees feel with their phantom legs. I know Kuya Puloy will always be in our hearts. But I will never see him again. He died on my birthday. But I have resolved to instead of mourning for his passing on, I will celebrate his life with my life. 

And this is how I celebrate; by sharing my experiences with you! This blog will be filled with reviews on books (both published internationally and locally in the Philippines) and films (shown in and out of my country) , my musings, my poems, short stories, and scripts (if I can get passed my over self-criticism), my (cross my fingers ) weekly Trivia Night outs, and everything I get my pens and hands on.

I’ll get back to you soon!


Peace out. 🙂

Ride (Excerpt)


If you’ve read this post in my FB account, go immediately to the end part. 🙂


For those of you who haven’t read or seen 20 questions, here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/notes/juan-ekis/twenty-questions/535292073163424. READ IT! Porbida….



For those of you who’ve seen and/or read Juan Ekis’es 20 Questions, you’ve probably known that Jigs and Yumi got stuck in a hotel room because of their Barkada Tradition.


What if…. another couple in their barkada will undergo the same thing?



Characters : 


Dee – early 20’s; sales agent.

Ram – early 20’s; government employee.



Sa isang sasakyan. Nagdadrive si Ram. Nasa front seat si Dee.



Ram: So payag siya sa cheeks.


Ram: Payag siya sa cheeks?


Ram: Payag siya sa cheeks!

Dee: Ewan ko sa’yo!

Ram: Pero…

Dee: Tangina mo, simulan mo ng maayos yang kwento mo.

Ram: (stuttering) Ninguso ko siya. Tapos, inoffer niya yung cheeks niya.

Dee: Tapos?!

Ram: Pisngi lang namin.


Dee laughs.

Ram: Shut up, Dee.

Dee laughs some more.

Dee: Grasya na, naging bato pa.

Ram: Shut up!

Dee: Anyare?

Ram: Ewan! Lalapit na sana ako to kiss her.Tapos, akala ko iilag siya. Inoffer ba naman yung cheeks! Tapos, ako naman, split second decision, bineso ko nalang.

Dee: Parang kapatid lang?

Ram: Yan nga sabi niya.

Dee laughs.

Ram: Shut up, Dee!

Dee: Gentleman.

Ram: Torpe.

Dee: Euphemism yun.

Ram: Shut up!

Dee laughs. 

Dee : Kamusta na kaya sila dun?

Ram: If I know, pinikot na yun ni Yumi.

Dee: Haha! Grabe ka naman. Kaka-break lang nung tao.

Ram: Kelan ba nagtagal ang lalake sa kanya?

Dee: Kung makapagsalita ‘to. Si Jigs rin kaya.

Ram: And I thought he was going all the way with Krizzy.

Dee: Oo nga. Pero napansin ko, Jigs wasn’t happy anymore.

Ram: Sayang. Tagal na nila.

Dee: Yang mga ganyang relasyon, pinapatuloy nalang yan kasi matagal na. Pero kung tutuusin, wala rin namang patutunguhan.

Ram: Is that what happened to you and Jack?

Dee: Hoy! He cheated on me.


Ram: Makes you think, no? 

Dee: Naghanap lang yun nang mapaglagyan ng titi niya.

Ram laughs.


Dee: Why do I end up with guys like him?!

Maikling Katahimikan.

Ram: Tinatanggap lang naman natin ang sa tingin natin ay nararapat sa atin.

Maikling katahimikan.

Dee: So masukista ako?

Ram: Hindi ba?

Dee: I don’t need this kind of bullshit!

Ram: Sorry.

Dee: No, not you.

Maikling katahimikan.

Ram: Ano na naman nangyari?

Dee: Tumawag si Elmer.

Ram: Ano sabi?

Dee: Talk some sense out of him daw.

Ram: And?


Ram: Dee.


Ram: Dee?


Ram: Dee!


Ram: Tanga!

Dee: I know!


Ram: Masukista ka nga.

Dee: What was I suppose to do, let him die?

Ram: Among other things!






It’s still an excerpt so don’t worry. I will definitely continue this, unlike my other works online. :p