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Eraserheads, A Part of my Childhood


While kids were playing bato-lata ang tagu-taguan outside my home, my mother made me stay inside and read books (which I never really did back when I was younger) or sit with her in the living area watching her crochet blankets and table runners. The closest I got of playing outside was when I root for my brothers when they play jolen with the other kids in the neighborhood.

Back in the 90s, it was a ritual for kids my age to do siestas. I wasn’t much of an obedient kid. Whenever it was time, I feign sleep. Of course, mom would sleep with me and when she snores, that was my signal to sneak out of the room, go to the living area, pop Eraserhead’s Cutterpillow or Circus albums in the cassette player (yes, we had cassette players back then, kids) and dance my butt off. 

I didn’t get along with kids my age. I didn’t like running and sweating. I still don’t. Mainly because I was always the slowest one to run. But whenever I sing an Eheads song, I feel like I’m experiencing the song right that moment. I wasn’t missing out on anything. 

They made me love OPM. They made me have faith in OPM.

So, what are their songs that have been seared in my heart? Here they are.

Ang Huling El Bimbo

Who couldn’t forget the music video with the little kids fawning over the same girl? The same music video that catapulted them to international stardom. I was envious of that girl. *sigh* That was the song that made me believe in young love. And it was actually a heart-breaking song. 

Hey, Jay

Before Gloc 9 released Sirena, Eraserheads had Hey, Jay. They were LGBT rights advocates even then!

With A Smile

Favorite lyrics: It sounds funny but I’ll say it anyway/ Girl I’ll stay/ through the bad times/

That’s what everyone wants to hear! That they’ll stay with us through the bad times. They got it spot on. 

Poorman’s Grave

I remember my fourth grade teacher made us read lyrics to any song we knew aloud in the class. I brought the lyrics of Poorman’s Grave. And being such a competitive little missy I was back then, I sang it in class. I thought my teacher cried because of my astounding voice. I was wrong. Gravely wrong.


Back in the 90s, our family Christmases would never be complete without a fruitcake baked by our mom. There was this one time when, I kid you not, my mom actually sang the first few lines of Fruitcake. I wasn’t surprised. She is a Beatle fan.


That intro. The lyrics. This song actually taught me how to read between the lines. 


You know hopscotch? In Bisaya, we call it biko-tae. I know this is just a song full of wordplay but it’s fun. 


They weren’t just about the play though. Take this song, for example. There’s a lot speculators that said this one was about Pepsi Paloma – a sexy starlet in the 80s who died of suicide and the controversy behind her death. I leave judgment to you.

I know I couldn’t turn back time but at least when I pop in an Eheads song, it sends me back to those simpler times. I know there should be more in here. But these one right here have a more soft spot in me than the other songs. Forgive me if I didn’t include you Eheads favorite. 

I would love to know your favorite Eheads songs, too

Peace out!