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Mindblowing Seminar

Mindblowing Seminar

September 13, XU AVR 1, Cagayan de Oro City –  I was very fortunate to have participated in “Over A Cup of Coffee: A Talk with the Writers” –  ‘a literary discussion with the leading local writers of Mindanao.’ Said leading local writers who shared their journey in their specific literary field are Dr. Maria Elena Paulma , Dr. Steven Fernandez, Prof. Rogelia Garcia, and Prof. Arlene Yandug.

The talk was organized by XELLO (Xavier English Language and Literature Organization – a student organization for ELL and English major students in Xavier University) spearheaded by Kristen Senajon. (She also has a blog. Please check her out right here.)

Dr. Paulma started the talk by sharing the introduction of her dissertation. She was suppose to discuss about fiction but she ended up telling her process of writing in general. I didn’t actually take a lot of notes. I was too drawn listening to her. She has this aura that commands attention, not the kind that drill seargents have, but more like the kind Mother Mary had (if ever I did meet her).

One of the things she said that really struck me the most was the quote she shared by Butch Dalisay, “The knowing is in the writing.” Indeed, whenever I write, there’s always this sort of discovery that unfolds before me. Truths that I’ve never actually thought of in my waking moments. Thoughts that have lain dormant in my subconscious.

She also said how a writer’s best friend is the trash can. Haha! How true. Or if you’re more of the techie kind, the recycling bin, which is virtually a trash can.

There is also this dichotomy of creation and destruction in writing. I can’t seem to find the right words to explain how this phenomenon happens but let me paint a picture:

I’m writing. Pen on my right hand. A clean sheet of paper under it. I scribble words that come from my brain and down to my fingertips. Just as I’m about to put that last dot that ends the paragraph, I crumple that ink-filled sheet of paper and shoot that to my make-believe ring, which actually is just a trash can.

I know the picture I painted kinda sounded lame but….I tried.

I asked Dr. Paulma how she overcomes that fear of sharing to much of herself in her writing. She answered me with “It’s like jumping into a cliff. You just have to do it.”

The second part of the talk was about Poetry discussed by Prof. Yandug. She focused more on the structure of poetry and how line breaks are there to make the reader ask questions at the end of every line.

She used William Carlos Williams’ poem entitled Poem (As The Cat) to explain how line breaks work. As far as I could remember, she explained it like this:

As the cat                                 what?
climbed over                            climbed over what?
the top of                                 top of what?

the jamcloset                           and then?
first the right                            right what?
forefoot                                    oh okay, and then?

carefully                                   and then?
then the hind                           the hind what?
stepped down                         stepped down where?

into the pit of                           pit of the what?
the empty                               empty what?
flowerpot                                oh okay, the cat is safe. Yippee!

Now that I think about it, poetry is about suspense.

She also shared her poem entitled “Going Back to the Island”. The poem was published in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. If you like to read the poem, click this.

After reading the poem, some of the participants almost cried. Even the host of the seminar, my friend Abby, almost cried.

I asked Prof. Yandug if she thought of ever performing the poem while writing it and she said she never thought of it. My first question was only a set-up to invite her for the Poetry Night and she definitely said yes! It actually pays to have a very thick face.

The third resource speaker that day was Prof. Rogelio Garcia. He’s more fondly called as Sir Roger to colleagues and students. I first met him when NAGMAC (Nagkahiusang Mambabalak sa CDO) conducted a poetry workshop back in July. But, his reputation did precede him. Most of my friends who are English majors have been fawning about him; telling me how he is such an inspiration. And I do agree he is an inspiration.

He discussed the literary genre Creative Non Fiction (CNF) – the youngest literary form in the bunch and focused on discussing the memoir CNF. He also showed the guidelines of CNF (I’d rather not enumerate them here.) and how different memoir CNFs are from autobiographies and biographies. Simply put, CNFs are true accounts of someone’s life (or in a memoir – true accounts of YOUR life) but written artfully whereas autobiographies and biographies are more informative and concerned in dates and times.

Did my explanation make sense? I do hope so.

Last and definitely not the least was Dr. Fernandez – the rock star of Mindanao drama and the DEFENDER OF OUR HERITAGE. Seriously, he actually did get an award from China.

Instead of showing slides and discussing his topic, which was playwriting, he opted to make things more interesting by making us – the participants – ask questions first.

Someones asked him when he started performing, to which he answered that he started performing ever since he was born. And he said all of us perform. We perform at home, in school, in meeting, even that time when we were in the seminar. Even he was performing before us.

Performance is a part of our lives.

He was asked many questions to which he answered very wittingly. Even fellow resource speaker – Sir Roger – asked him questions about his craft. He was asked how he deals with writers’ block to which he answered “sex”. The crowd jeered!

He shared his experiences is the source of his creativity. His quotable quote that day was “You write what you know.”

The seminar was closed by Zara, one of the organizers, with an encouragement: “Writing is for the brave. Be brave.”

I hope this seminar has sparked the young local writers of our city. We badly do need it to uplift and promote our own heritage. As what Dr. Fernandez said, “It’s our own culture. Nag-iisa lang ‘yan. We have to defend it.”

And with that, I will now jump into the cliff (figuratively, of course).

Peace out!


Eraserheads, A Part of my Childhood


While kids were playing bato-lata ang tagu-taguan outside my home, my mother made me stay inside and read books (which I never really did back when I was younger) or sit with her in the living area watching her crochet blankets and table runners. The closest I got of playing outside was when I root for my brothers when they play jolen with the other kids in the neighborhood.

Back in the 90s, it was a ritual for kids my age to do siestas. I wasn’t much of an obedient kid. Whenever it was time, I feign sleep. Of course, mom would sleep with me and when she snores, that was my signal to sneak out of the room, go to the living area, pop Eraserhead’s Cutterpillow or Circus albums in the cassette player (yes, we had cassette players back then, kids) and dance my butt off. 

I didn’t get along with kids my age. I didn’t like running and sweating. I still don’t. Mainly because I was always the slowest one to run. But whenever I sing an Eheads song, I feel like I’m experiencing the song right that moment. I wasn’t missing out on anything. 

They made me love OPM. They made me have faith in OPM.

So, what are their songs that have been seared in my heart? Here they are.

Ang Huling El Bimbo

Who couldn’t forget the music video with the little kids fawning over the same girl? The same music video that catapulted them to international stardom. I was envious of that girl. *sigh* That was the song that made me believe in young love. And it was actually a heart-breaking song. 

Hey, Jay

Before Gloc 9 released Sirena, Eraserheads had Hey, Jay. They were LGBT rights advocates even then!

With A Smile

Favorite lyrics: It sounds funny but I’ll say it anyway/ Girl I’ll stay/ through the bad times/

That’s what everyone wants to hear! That they’ll stay with us through the bad times. They got it spot on. 

Poorman’s Grave

I remember my fourth grade teacher made us read lyrics to any song we knew aloud in the class. I brought the lyrics of Poorman’s Grave. And being such a competitive little missy I was back then, I sang it in class. I thought my teacher cried because of my astounding voice. I was wrong. Gravely wrong.


Back in the 90s, our family Christmases would never be complete without a fruitcake baked by our mom. There was this one time when, I kid you not, my mom actually sang the first few lines of Fruitcake. I wasn’t surprised. She is a Beatle fan.


That intro. The lyrics. This song actually taught me how to read between the lines. 


You know hopscotch? In Bisaya, we call it biko-tae. I know this is just a song full of wordplay but it’s fun. 


They weren’t just about the play though. Take this song, for example. There’s a lot speculators that said this one was about Pepsi Paloma – a sexy starlet in the 80s who died of suicide and the controversy behind her death. I leave judgment to you.

I know I couldn’t turn back time but at least when I pop in an Eheads song, it sends me back to those simpler times. I know there should be more in here. But these one right here have a more soft spot in me than the other songs. Forgive me if I didn’t include you Eheads favorite. 

I would love to know your favorite Eheads songs, too

Peace out!

Playlist of the Week: Sept. 8, 2014


Whoa! With my first playlist of the week post, I think I got the hang of this – sharing the kind of music I’m listening to you guys. It’s always been one of my icebreakers whenever I meet someone new. Eventually we’d exchange playlists and discover different artists both in mainstream and underground. I hope I get to know your song recommendations as well.

Same as last time, my playlist does not completely have current songs. In fact, some have been released for a couple of years ago. They just didn’t break through the mainstream. Some of these songs come from OPM and indie bands I’ve scoured through the interwebs. If you like, you can definitely follow their youtube channels.

So without further ado, here are the songs in my playlist for the week (and in no particular order).

I just found out about this song. It’s been awhile since I’ve spent time with my friends. They’re actually the ones recommending me new songs. This is relatively current (Dec 2013). I’m not that far behind, am I?

I liked the song coz it reminded me of No Doubt back when they were into Ska and Reggae. Plus, the lyrics is quite adorable. The guy is asking permission from his girlfriend’s father to have her hand in marriage. Well, the dad was being “rude”.

Daaaaaaaaah… Just listen to it and you’ll know.

By far, my favorite pinoy band of all time. Well, fans of Eraserheads might chop my head off when see me in the streets but hear me out. Don’t get me wrong. I’m loyal to Eraserheads. They’re a huge influence on OPM back in the 90s. No doubt about that. (side not: Did you know the guy who directed their music video for Ang Huling El Bimbo is also the same guy who directed And Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros?)

Okay, back to reality. But they’re really good. They’re sound is so unique. Plus Armi’s voice is to die for.

If Girls was my happy song for the playlist, Indak is my sad song. You know that bed weather when you just wanna curl and sleep and feel intentionally depressed just coz the weather suggests it? This is a great song for that. Haha!

And since we got into the subject of Eraserheads, I’m gonna put one (yes one, coz they have so many cool songs I might just put all their songs in this playlist just to get this over with.) song.

This is actually the first Eheads song I’ve learned to sing. It was the 90’s. I just learned how to read and this song has a lot of simple words a kindergartener can read. Now that I’ve grown up and have read the lyrics, it breaks my heart.

You could hear the irony, right? The song talks about death and yet the song sounds so happy and fast paced.

It’s Bisaya. I recently (is 7 months recent?) been fascinated with Visayan songs coz of my friends who’ve had their Visayan Appreciation class. Come on, this one’s catchy, right?

For those of you who don’t understand Bisaya, the song is about a girl who’s seen her crush and actually wants to take a photo op with him. Funny, right?

Jazz. The most free flowing and relaxing genre in music. I’ve started appreciating jazz when I was in high school. I always thought that jazz perfectly emulates life; it sounds sad but you gotta get through it and appreciate how it’ll all end.

This song right here is Aretha by Rumer. Clearly this song is a homage to Aretha Franklin. Also, it makes you think how the persona grew up too fast and appreciated Aretha’s songs at such a young age. That’s just my take on it. What about you?

Rumer sounds like the love child of Karen Carpenter and Sara Bareilles. Try and have a listen to it and let me know if you aren’t hooked on her.

So that sums up my playlist of the week. Til then,

Peace out!

Playlist of the Week: Sept. 1, 2014


I’m not much of a musician. I sing in the shower. I used to sing with my choir once upon a time but now I’m kinda rusty at it.
Anyway, here’s my current playlist for this week. Some of these songs aren’t current. At the latest, these were released a couple of years ago. I discovered some them while watching tv shows like HIMYM, Community, Suits, and Bones. Others, I discovered from friends. There’s even one Bisaya song I liked listening to again and again and again.
Here goes.

This song popped out when Mike Ross was getting paranoid about getting caught as a fraud in Suits. I realized the overall lyrics of the song didn’t match the scene but the mere repetition of the word sacrilege makes the scene it much more powerful.
The song is about someone (man or woman – it’s doesn’t really matter now, does it?) who committed infidelity. The premise isn’t new but listen to the song and you’ll understand and feel the persona’s confusion and guilt. Wait, it does sound like Mike Ross. @_@

I heard this song from Bones. Brennan was examining the remains of the victim (I don’t remember who it was) and she had her headphones on. This song was in her Ipod.
This song reminds me of waltz. Maybe it is waltz. It’s just so light and relaxing. It’s my lullaby whenever I can’t sleep.

Remember the episode from HIMYM when… oh there were a lot of scenes. I don’t remember them all! But I do remember it had something to do with Ted telling Robin how he still had feelings for her but Robin just found out she can’t have kids so she said she “Can’t have this right now”. After the scene, the Christmas tree still blinked merrily as if nothing huge happened.
I listen to this one whenever I’m frustrated. It has this balance of calm and angst.
HIMYM was the reason why I found out about Florence + The Machine. And then I started surfing her other songs.As a bonus, I’m gonna add my favorite song here:

I heard this one from a lot of shows and movies but this one was stuck in my head when they played this in Community. I think it was back in season 1 when Jeff and Annie won the debate contest and this one was kinda like the victory song in the background.
You’ll hear more awesome songs in Community. But more importantly, you’ll have a lot of laughs from these dorky band of misfits. Seriously, who puts a religious married woman, a hippie, an ultra-competitive teen, a jock, a jerk, a weirdo, and a gay guy who’s into dalmatian fetish together in one show? Dan Harmon, that’s who.

Some of my friends were English majors who were taking this Visayan Appreciation class. They were actually the ones who also made me appreciate the beauty of Bisaya. No, they didn’t force me.
This one is a sweetie song. It’s even in the airwaves and jeepney rides I take in the city. I don’t mind hearing this one whenever I’m on my way home.
Wow, and I notice I unintentionally did recommend you tv shows to watch as well. haha! Or didn’t I?
So that’s my playlist for the week. Do you have any songs you could suggest me? Comment away.
For now….
Peace out! 🙂

Milk Tea


Here is my attempt at flash fiction. I hope you guys enjoy. 🙂




I saw a couple in the tea house earlier; a young couple. Maybe senior college students. They sat in front of each other. The girl was shaking her large honeydew milk tea. The guy followed suit with his chocolate milk tea. The girl wasn’t in her element. The guy noticed that, too. So he tried to do smalltalk with her.


Well, it wasn’t working. The guy was asking the wrong kind of questions. The girl had the chance to answer either a yes or a no. And she did. Then, the girl made a great deep sigh.


“Where do you think are we going?”, she said.

“I thought you were planning on an out of town trip with your parents?”

“No, this, us.”


The guy had nothing to say. He was getting fidgety on his seat. He tried to make eye contact with the girl but all she could do was stare into the marble tiles. The guy tried to tell something. He was mustering the courage to say something. But he didn’t have enough guts to say it out loud. He left. No stomping or theatrical walkouts. He just left, graciously.


The girl was left staring at the blankness of the floor.


The girl is me.

Fast Approaching


You mean to say “Time is relative.”? Seriously? Maybe it is. Although it is measurable, sometimes I feel like time passes by too fast. Maybe because I have a lot of things on my plate. When the tough gets tougher, I just tell myself “What doesn’t kill me makes me tired.. I mean, stronger.”

What happens if it’s too fast? It’s all a blur. Drunk? Nope. Been sober for three months.


Fifteen days to go before our season premiere. Am I ready? Right now, I am far from ready. But can I do it? Of course I will! I knew what I got myself into. The least I can do is deliver. We’ve spent so much time to prepare for this. A lot of complications and disappointments along the way.

Fast approaching.

obnoxious witch strikes: I Learned Something New Again



Today was a very tiring day. Aside from school, the organization I’m in (Dulaang Atenista) is having an OrgTour together with other organizations in the school. We had to promote our booth and entice other students to join our org. Then we had to shoot our promotional video for our season premiere. It was fun, that I can tell. There were a lot of laughs even though we had a lot to do (not to mention Kuya Ryan still has to edit the video); a lot of fooling around, too.

Later, the cast and I (fyi: earlier last month I was casted to act for our first production) rehearsed. The Director (Kuya Ryan) didn’t tell us (or maybe I wasn’t informed) to drop our scripts but all of us dropped our scripts. One of the actors wasn’t able to join the rehearsal for personal reasons so Sil had to fill in her place.

The rehearsals went just fine. The actors and I did our own thing. Then, one of us had to leave (not me) for personal reasons (again?). Then Kuya Ryan made us run through the scenes again but this time he gave us a motivation (I won’t tell you what) and the scenes just went ENTIRELY DIFFERENT. The interpretation, the perspective, the motivation of the characters just went off the window.

That’s what I learned new today. Exploring different kinds of motivations can give the scene and the character I’m portraying a different kind of flavor. It adds texture. It’s different when I know when to deliver the lines and HOW to deliver the lines. With the motivations Kuya Ryan gave us, I learned to think like my character. Heck, for a brief time I even thought I was my character. I FELT I was my character.

This is the beauty of theater. It’s not about being someone else on stage. For me, it’s about melding the character’s soul into my own. Kuya Ryan even said as actors (and I’m paraphrasing here, ok) we have to love our characters; not just understand but actually love them; and with that love we would also love our lines.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t really love my character until I read the script over and over again. What kind of 19 year old would want to play an old hag? (hahaha! clue number 1!). Then, I started to see my mom in her (clue number 2!) which was really annoying. And then I thought, I started to see my mom in her!

This is my forte ever since I was a kid; impersonate my mom. Together with my brother, we would impersonate our mom on how she freaks out whenever someone in our family makes a booboo, or when she always pops that joke about erectile dysfunction (which I didn’t understand until I was a teenager). Oh! The horror!

So there. Today (or perhaps yesterday) was not an unlucky day for me. on the contrary, I was very fortunate to have learned something new again.


remember: life is hard. don’t make it harder than it already is.



obnoxious witch strikes: i learned something new!


so this week a friend of mine introduced me to blackout poetry.

you need a book ( preferably an old novel you wouldn’t read again) and a sharpie.

what you do, basically is, you try to make a poem by blacking out words in a page using a sharpie.

like this one:

this is from a friend of mine.  she told me she got the idea from the internet, but to actually see another poem or another art within an art is by itself genius.

i love it when i learn something new. it’s one of the reasons why i want to get up every morning and go out into the world. 🙂

remember: laugh even when you’re sad.