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Year-long Poetry Challenge


This year, I told myself to write at least one poem everyday until 2016 ends. I’ve already started since the New Year’s Eve.

Wish me luck!


Dear Anna


Dear Anna,

It’s been two years since I first met you. A friend of mine introduced me to you along with your friends Joel, Marlowe, Steph, Eric, Masi, and Shine.You take your coffee with cream kinda like how I do and I knew right there and then that we could be such good friends.

                We share the same bitterness, I guess. Kaya siguro I needed to know you better. We saw our exes being unrightfully happy in front of us and it fucking sucks. Pero narealize ko na even assholes have the right to be happy. Well, you were theone who broke up with Ed so SUCK IT UP.

Eto namang si Masi  ikakasal sa ex mong si Ed. That’s awkward. Who in their right mind would want to witness their ex getting married to their ownclose friend? Isn’t there some kind of girl code for that? But yeah, kelan ba nagingsimple ang magmamahal?

Malamang ngayong alam mo nang may feelings si Joel sa’yo. The big question is: do you love him, too?

Ano nga ba ang love? Marami nang tao ang nag-attempt sumagot nito. Naniniwala akong love is subjective; may kanya-kanya tayong definition nito. Love is a choice, I always say. Choice mo kung ire-reciprocate mo ang coffee-laced confession ni Joel sa’yo. Choice mo kung hahayaan mong ma-stuck ka sa past. Choice mo if you set yourself free.

Magmula nung naging bitter ako, naniniwala akong men and women can’t be bestfriends. Kasi eventually, may mai-inlove sa kanila. In your case, kayong dalawa. Hahaha!In denial ka lang, bruha ka. Hindi kita masisisi. Siya mismo ang nagsabing loveis an illusion at isang ideal na di dapat ma-attain. Ano bang panama mo dun?

Pero eto ang mapapayo ko: Let yourself be happy. It’s time.

From your friend in another existence,


PS: Tigilan mo na yang stress eating mo, punyeta ka. Alam kong you crave for weirdly rare food in the most ungodly hour. Sinigang na hipon at 3 in the morning? Seriously?

Long Overdue


So, another poetry night in our town just passed by. The night had a lot of feels. So much feels! It didn’t help that the theme was “Beginnings and Endings”. Well anyway, here’s a poem I performed that night with a friend. I actually wrote this immediately after a long overdue conversation I had with a long time friend.


To make it clear, two people performed this; yours truly and Dennis (thanks for obliging to performing it with me. I know it was sooooo last minute but we made it work. hehe) Dennis read the italicized ones and we read the bold ones together. I bit different form the performed one.


Here it goes.




When you

– the boy who was your coffee buddy down at Dunkin Donuts ‘til the break of dawn, who checked on you whenever you went home late, who treated you out for cinnamon rolls just coz you were craving for them and I only had ten bucks in my pocket, who was your pseudo-bodyguard when you walk the city streets at night, who played the guitar just to hear you sing, who wrote you the first handwritten letter you’ve ever gotten from a non-relative human male life form –

 Told me my beauty –

  is gentle yet fierce

 My hair –

  mimics the waves of the sea

 My name –

  rhymes with “hi”

 And said –

  “My world stops when you laugh.”

 I laughed. How could I have missed that?

  I laughed. Coz when I offered you forever, you gladly kicked your shoes and ran with me on the beach barefoot.

We kicked the sand ‘til they kissed the waves–

  I laughed.

We laughed. We were two parts of the soul. Two sides of the same coin.

I was the warm to your cool

the yin to your yang

the wild to your calm

the peace to your chaos

the light to your dark

I laughed. You said you’d name our children Luke and Leia.

  But you begged me no. So we made a deal.

No juniors. No mixing our names together. No geekdom references.

  But fortune never smiles on people who say “No”.

 Let’s just hold off on our nerdazzle, shall we?

Okay, deal.

 There’s always something sad in piers and airports.

They always have someone leaving; always have someone get left behind.

But, we made it work.

 I wake up, grab my phone and tell you good morning.

  Come high noon, I tell you I’m in a meeting.

Good morning! How are you? Fine, you? Good! Are you in a meeting? Yes, gotta go. Okay, take care. God bless. God bless. – (repeat thrice)

 Where are you?


 Where are you?


 Where are you?

  With friends from work.

 Where are you?

  Night out.  Where are you?

 I’m right here. I was always right behind you. Ready to give you a hand, an arm, a shoulder, an eye, an ear, my pieces, my soul. Me.

  But you couldn’t.

–Where are you? –

 I’m right here.

  I was in the concrete jungle.

 I’m right here.

  I was making ends meet.

 I’m right here.

  I was lonely.

 I’m right here.

Where are you?

I’m right here.

Not with you

  I jumped from one dream to another.

 While I scrambled my way to catch up to you. I only had one plan.

  I had a grand plan but not

To be with you.

  But I offered you forever.

 I offered you me.

I’m sorry.

Even if we burned bridges, we could always find a way to zip line through the ridges

I could still retrieve it through the recesses of my mind.

[# here is a constant mobile number being said again and again by Dennis]

 I could still recite it (#) like an empty prayer.

 My lips (#) stored it in its muscle memory.

 Amazing (#), isn’t it? (#)


 The number you have dialed is either invalid or not in use.

I laughed when I found out her beauty –

  is gentle yet fierce

  her hair –

  mimics the waves of the sea

  her name –

  rhymes with “hi”

Sometimes I hold my breath, close my eyes and see

The time I held your hand, the time we kicked the sand, the time we tanned and the time we planned

I kept them in my hand and willed myself to go back.

But we couldn’t.

I can only see our memories like a movie reel before me.

Cut. Edited. Pristine.

This time we have both our lives ahead of us. Time to let go. Got to move on. Keep moving forward. Look back once in a while. But never stop moving forward.




Next #cdopoetrynight soon!


Peace out!

March Poetry




After a successful Poetry Night that NAGMAC (Nagkahiusang Mambabalak sa Cagayan de Oro or loosely translated as United Poets of CDO) organized, I thought of making poetry a daily habit. Each day for the entire month of March, I will try to make at least one poem. AM I up to it? I dunno. But what better way to make this a habit than to do it 21 times, right?

Wish me luck.

Peace out.




I’ve finished my seven-day challenge to myself. Now off to a new frontier.

I’ll be hosting our city’s poetry night which I think is long overdue. Poets have been springing out of newspapers and magazines but they never get to do their pieces beyond pen and paper.

Now they will on Feb 28 8pm at Chaibodia Bistro. :))

See you guys there!

Different Houses


Building dreams together is one of the perks of being in a relationship. It makes me look forward for the future. But when the relationship gets awry….
She met a boy who wished for a simple home in a suburban neighborhood. No qualms and chaos. Just there to have peace and quiet. Now, he is gone.

She almost fell in love with a man who wanted a house on top of a century-old tree. He would build his own tree house and put a sun roof so all the light would come in. Now, he is pursuing someone else.

She fell in love with a man who dreamt of a Pi-shaped house with her. A white Pi-shaped house with an Olympic size swimming pool in between the elongated parts of the house. Now, he is with someone else.

The tragedy of it all? They never asked her what she wanted.

In all fairness, I still don’t know how my ‘dream house’ would look like. o.O
What does your dream house look like?

Peace out!

Poetry Night in CDO Soon



I’ve had the honor to perform in Xavier University’s Recite Night, organized by Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts (XCCA) and Xavier English and Language Organization (XELLO) in coordination of the celebraton of National Arts Month in the Philippines, last February 6, 2014. I was awestruck at all the talents. The poetry these young artists have are phenomenal. A couple of poems even made me cry.

And then I remembered there was this Poetry Night somewhere around Cagayan de Oro (CDO). I don’t remember where it was exactly so I made a status in Facebook. Lo, and behold, a friend commented on my status. And the rest was history.

We’re organizing a poetry night here in CDO on Feb 28, 8pm at the Chaibodia Resto Bar. It’s gonna be exciting. Musicians will play. Poets will perform. Artists will be in one place. 

I’m getting giddy!! 


Peace out!

Would it?


I wrote this when I was ‘past the point of no return’ and started noticing that I still liked the things he liked even after we broke up. I know some of my friends hate certain things simply because these remind them so much of their exes. I saw myself not hating these things at all, no matter how much I wanted to, if only to forget him.

Would it matter if I still love the things you made me love?

I still love the coffee down at the bakery where we used to share a cup. I still love the book you bought me at the thrift bookstore when I didn’t have enough money. I still love the film you made me watch because you said it was amazing. If I still love the things I associate with you, then does that make me still love you?

I found a place that serves better, and I mean way better, coffee than that bakeshop. I bought a book and have actually read it more than a couple of times. I watched a film that made me laugh, cry, and love my life even more when I got out of the cinema. But I still love the things you love, does that make me still love you?

Would it matter if I still love the things you made me love? Maybe. Maybe not.

I’m with good company, if ever you’re wondering. Nope? Oh, my bad.


Peace out!