In The Final List for the 2014 Davao Writers Workshop


It really is true in this timeline. I really am a fellow for the Davao Writers Workshop.

It’s been a couple of days since I started reading Stephen King’s 11/22/63 and I’ve been feeling out of sorts. I won’t spoil you with any details but let’s just say the novel deals with time traveling. And every time I read stories about time travel, my mind goes out of whack.

Sometimes, I’ve actually felt like I’ve done a task only to hear my dad or niece say I definitely didn’t do it. Or sometimes, I didn’t do things but actually did them. I dunno. I feel like I’m in and out of some time warp.

So, when I found out I’ve been chosen as a fellow for the 2014 Davao Writers Workshop, I’ve been expecting some sort of portal where I get to go back into my real timeline when this didn’t happen.

And then they posted the list.

It wasn’t just a dream! It really did happen.I actually did get that email. I really am on the list.

I will finally get to go to Davao and visit Duterte’s city which I heard is pretty awesome since they actually practice CLAYGO (Clean As You Go) in the entire city. They also have UP Press Bookstore which sells books published by the UP Press and written by sought-after writers in the country. I’m definitely excited to visit other bookstores there as well.

But I’m much more excited for the workshops. It’s my first time to participate in one outside my hometown.I wonder how the other participants would be like. I wonder if they’d be friendly or if they have pipes up their asses. I do hope we all could get along pretty well. We’re only 14 participants so we might as well be amicable, right?

A part of me feels like it’s pretty daunting. But I’ve got Abby with me. No, no lesbo action there. We’re both straight. Plus, Diko works there as well so I’m not afraid to get lost in the city. Besides, if I do get lost, I’ll just toot my whistle. That’ll make the police running towards me, I hope.

I’m also psyched to meet the panelists and the organizers. Their reputations precede them. I wanna ask for tips and suggestions how to maintain an event such as Poetry Night, among other things.

Right now, I’m mentally preparing myself to see and hear my poems be torn and severed right in front of me. I know it’ll hurt but it’s a necessary evil an aspiring writer must undergo in order to hone one’s craft. I always take critiquing as an act of love between a mentor and a student.

Here’s looking forward to an eventful and fruitful workshop in Davao!

Peace out! 🙂


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  1. Well, now that you’re on to us, we might as well tell you the truth. We need you to be out of Cagayan de Oro on the week of the October 27, 2014. Don’t ask us why. Let’s just say that the future of Myanmar (don’t ask) and Tanchukuo (which you won’t have heard of yet) depend on it.

    To be honest, you wouldn’t believe the “coincidences” we’ve had to arrange, sending operatives back in time to infiltrate writers groups so they could set up this particular workshop. Hell, we’ve actually had to nudge McKinley to buy the country as far back as 1898 so This Could Happen. Ms. Vel Marie Santillan-???, you can be one stubborn woman and only a writers workshop could get you out of the city. We know. We’ve tried.

    Oh, and on your trip here, make sure you have three P20 bills. If an old woman in a green skirt walks up to you, make a show that you regret you don’t have a fourth bill in change. Tell her, “it’s always rainy this time of year in Basilan.” Watch out for her breath.

    • I have noticed your group’s presence early this year. Those “coincidences” were so frequent; they were unbelievable. I’ve sensed your efforts to make me leave the city. I’ve met the same operatives surveilling my movements in Divisoria offering opportunities which were too captivating to even refuse but I just couldn’t. It wasn’t the right time. The harmony was off. Until now.

      And about my real name, can you keep it between us? I’d rather be called Mai.

      PS: I will look out for that old woman in a green skirt. My P20 bills are ready. 🙂

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