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Eating Daisy



Don’t get me wrong. I don’t eat flowers. Although, I might give it some thought.


My brother and I were watching reruns of CSI. Yes, the one with Ted Danson (the guy from ‘Cheers’) and a whole lot of different casts. Well, I’m digressing. But there was this instance where Sara (played by Jorja Fox) says “The victim went to a place where he eats whale meat… Immorally.” Huwell, my brother got me thinking. Dialogue went like this;

Bro: Why’s it immoral [to eat whale meat]?

Me: Coz they’re getting extinct.

Bro: What about pigs? Aren’t they [getting extinct]?

Me: They wouldn’t get extinct. There are people who grow and feed them so they wouldn’t get extinct and we all could still eat adobo (a Filipino delicacy).

That right there got me thinking. How are pigs different than whales? Aside from the obvious (their size and their habitat), I don’t see anything different about them.

The perception we have been accustomed and displayed by our society makes us see these two creatures as different. Like what I said (see dialogue), there are hog raisers who raise pigs to sustain our supply and demand. Don’t get me wrong, I eat red meat. But the talk with my brother got me thinking. Why are animals treated differently than others?

Which reminds me of my quirk.

In the Philippines (where I live), every time there is a celebration (fiesta, birthday, anniversaries,etc.), households would throw parties and invite friends and relatives. The main attraction on the buffet table is the lechon. One day, I saw Daisy on the table charred and lifeless. Knives cutting on her flesh. People too eager to sink their teeth on what she offered.

Daisy was my neighbor. We became friends when I was about five. It was the time of my life when everything was possible. Every time I wake up, I’d go to her place and feed and talk to her. We would even sing together. Daisy was a pig. She was literally a pig. 

Ever since then, I can never eat lechon without it being quartered. Coz I don’t want to see Daisy.


But I still eat meat.






Looking Back And Staring Beyond


With the holiday rush gone and the first month of the year about to run out of days, I’ve come to look back on how I spent my 2013. It was kind of unfair to my friends and acquaintances that I have houdini-ed (you know, disappeared into thin air) on them. And for that, I apologize. Let’s just say I didn’t feel well and had to take my time off.

I was fortunate to have had opportunities in acting and playwriting as friends and acquaintances offered them to me. And I grabbed each opportunity. I always say to myself “Fortune never smiles on people who say no.” which I got from Josh Radnor’s film “Liberal Arts” (you should watch this film and tell me what you think). It’s with these blessings that I’ve realized how a Higher Being works wonders in one’s fate. 

As for my writing, I did finish one play. And when a literary awarded guru critiqued it, it was shredded into bits and pieces before me. Figuratively, of course! There. There. He said I had a knack for dialogue which I very much took as a compliment coz if it wasn’t then I don’t know what is. Which reminds me, deadline is on January 31, 2014. o.O

As with everyone else, I met acquaintances who eventually became friends. Looking back, I can’t believe I spent hours playing Dungeons and Dragons with fellow  self-proclaimed proud nerds! Haha!

I also I regret not spending enough time with my friends who I have come to grow up with; like my friends from Yahweh’s Choir.

Losing someone you have known and have looked up to growing up felt so surreal. Kind of like how amputees feel with their phantom legs. I know Kuya Puloy will always be in our hearts. But I will never see him again. He died on my birthday. But I have resolved to instead of mourning for his passing on, I will celebrate his life with my life. 

And this is how I celebrate; by sharing my experiences with you! This blog will be filled with reviews on books (both published internationally and locally in the Philippines) and films (shown in and out of my country) , my musings, my poems, short stories, and scripts (if I can get passed my over self-criticism), my (cross my fingers ) weekly Trivia Night outs, and everything I get my pens and hands on.

I’ll get back to you soon!


Peace out. 🙂