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This isn’t one of my flash fictions but it’s one of my loved pieces. I wrote it when I was on the ship for Cebu.



            “Siguraduhin mong may susundo sa’yo dun.”

                        Make sure someone fetches you there.

            “Opo. Naa naman koy nakasabut, Dad.”

                        Yes. Already contacted someone, Dad.


            I lied. Who would? The HR Rep? Nope. That snooty Napoleonic bastard was too proud to even shake my hand when he interviewed me. The plan was; I would go off the ship, get out of the port, hail a cab, and go straight to the hotel where the company already booked me.


            My dad was always a worrywart when it came to promptness. So at, I kid you not, seventeen hundred hours, I was already in the boarding area of the pier with my things fully scanned and my body done being molested by the lady who sure was a lesbian. Departure was at twenty hundred hours.


            18:00 hours.

            One trolley, one dufffel bag, one handbag, and a box full of seafood canned goods and a mini rice cooker; that was all I carried with me. I hired a porter to carry all of it. That costed at least a hundred pesos. I tipped the guy with a twenty.


            19:43 hours.

            A thick-browed tall moreno guy carrying a mountaineer’s back-pack occupied the bottom bunk  adjacent mine. He had this huge pastel-colored shoulder bag. Something whimpered in it. He looked at me. I looked at him back. Then, he looked at his shoulder bag.


            “Be quiet, Fifi.”, he said in a hushed tone.

            “How original.”, I said in a hushed tone.


            He tried to retort but Fifi barked and squirmed inside the bag. He unzipped the bag and lo and behold; Fifi was a  pekingese. He fed the bitch with dried goodies but she was still agitated.


            I left and bought a bottle of water at the snack bar.  I didn’t want to go back immediately so I took a few swigs at it at the top deck.


            I couldn’t play any intrument at all. I sing. I’m a classically trained opera singer but I never took advantage of it. Started singing when I was in fifth grade. Manang Celly, an old woman in our neighborhood, took pity on me and taught me. She said I remind her of herself when she was young. She was alone; wasn’t married or had any children. She is dead. 


            The air was too chilly so I went back. That bitch still annoyed me.  


            “Maybe she’s thirsty.” I offered my half-empty water bottle to Fifi. She refused.


            The guy said nothing. He squished himself inside the bunk and sighed; a form of surrender. I left him with his thoughts.


            20:16 hours.


            1 New Message


            I’m sorry.


            Asshole. We were together for four months but said asshole was too stubborn to admit the last month just wasn’t working. He even blamed himself for me leaving. How pathetic.


            Pakikipagsapalaran. Mom’s favorite word. The waves were invading my thoughts. Apparently, musings do have ambient  music. Mom always told me it meant challenging fate. Was this me challenging fate?


            I went back to my bunk and slept.


            00:53 hours.


            That whining little bitch was at it again. I turned over to silence that damned abomination but I was wrong. Fifi wasn’t whimpering. Her owner was. Binangungot. I woke him up and offered him my half empty water bottle. This time, he took it.


            “Good thing she’s still asleep.”, he said.

            “Yeah, or I would’ve killed that Satanic incarnation.”, I said.

            He was about to lie down when I said, “Why the fuck would you put that poor dog in there?”

            “I don’t want to pay for that stupid bitch anymore.”, he said.


            I couldn’t get back to sleep.


            01:26 hours.


            I have a band. Well right now, it’s more appropriate to say I had a band. It was a long time ago. At first, it was great. Every night was another adventure; another opportunity to explore the city. Thoughts became lyrics that turn into songs. Hums became melodies, rhythms, and beats. Each of us was into different genres. I was the one into jazz.


            Why did I leave them?


            Mom was about to be promoted for a deanship in a prestigious school in the city. But, the proverbial institutional politics happened. She moved to Manila and returned to UP for her Doctorate. Dad is retired; living out his pension.


            Why did I leave them?


            I got offered a job in one of Cebu’s topnotch recording labels. Not as a recording artist, though. I’ll be the one-scouting-for-fresh-talents and dipping-my-hands-into-dirty-old-monkey-business for them. As what that Napoleonic bastard told me, I have a knack for fishing good talents. Talents. That narcissistic dimwit can’t even say artists.


            05:30 hours.


            Good morning, thank you for….. passengers…. We are currently…. pleased to inform you…docking the ports of Cebu…. In behalf of all the staff… this ship, I welcome you all to the Queen City of the South.


            Attention all tourist passengers…… claim ID’s and return beddings at the counter. Thank you…. Enjoy your… Thank you.


            “Let me guess, you crossed the sea just so you could give that little mutt to her owner. Please tell me I’m wrong.”

            “How the hell did you know?”

            “ You should just get rid of it.”


            06:47 hours.


            He was everywhere. Alfred. Alfi. Fifi. My Fifi. He was my Fifi. He still haunts me.


            On the corner just outside the pier gates, I was trying to hail a cab when every one of them was already filled. Then, this one cab stopped and popped open the door in front of me. My pepper spray was ready. I peered in and saw him. He already made space for me.


            “Good for you.”, I said and sat beside him. He smiled.

            “Radisson….”, I told the cabdriver.

            “Blu. Radisson Blu.”, he said.



Oh, Dear


My favorite playwright reminds me of you. You practically introduced him to me. My favorite play reminds me of you. We practically played out the same story.


I’ve written an alternate story out of it. It’s not some sort of literature where you’d get to unlock the private events of my life. It’s my way of overwriting your mark in his work of art. 


My muse inspired me to write this. Up until now, he probably doesn’t know he’s my inspiration. Or, he’s that good acting oblivious.


I’ve possessed my muse before. It was you. Look where we are.  I’ve learned my lesson. I cannot possess him.



Another attempt at flash fiction. I hope you guys enjoy.


She tried her best to hold back her feelings. She just pushed it and pushed it in. It was positive.


She whipped her phone out from her pocket. 


“Kumusta?” (How are you?), he said.

“Ok ra.” (It’s ok.), she replied. She put the phone back in her pocket.


An old woman approached her and handed her a note. She read it and nodded. The old woman left.


She walked under the scorching heat. A few blocks away, she turned into a corner. In between two buildings, she entered a scant poorly-made cement road and entered there. Like the walls caving in on her, her heart was beating faster and faster. But she went on. 


The old woman was waiting for her. She opened the door and the girl walked in. It was a cozy fully furnished house. You wouldn’t believe the old woman lived there, what with her occupation and all. She offered the girl a seat. 


“Buhatun na nato, ‘Nang.” (Let’s just do it, ‘Nang), the girl said.

“Sige.”, said the old woman and pushed a syringe in a small vial and extracted a transparent solution.

“Para asa na?” (What’s that for?), asked the girl.

“Para wala kay mabatian.” (So you wouldn’t feel a thing.), said the old woman.


Years later, he is with someone else. 


She still hasn’t forgotten.

Ride (Excerpt)


If you’ve read this post in my FB account, go immediately to the end part. 🙂


For those of you who haven’t read or seen 20 questions, here’s the link: READ IT! Porbida….



For those of you who’ve seen and/or read Juan Ekis’es 20 Questions, you’ve probably known that Jigs and Yumi got stuck in a hotel room because of their Barkada Tradition.


What if…. another couple in their barkada will undergo the same thing?



Characters : 


Dee – early 20’s; sales agent.

Ram – early 20’s; government employee.



Sa isang sasakyan. Nagdadrive si Ram. Nasa front seat si Dee.



Ram: So payag siya sa cheeks.


Ram: Payag siya sa cheeks?


Ram: Payag siya sa cheeks!

Dee: Ewan ko sa’yo!

Ram: Pero…

Dee: Tangina mo, simulan mo ng maayos yang kwento mo.

Ram: (stuttering) Ninguso ko siya. Tapos, inoffer niya yung cheeks niya.

Dee: Tapos?!

Ram: Pisngi lang namin.


Dee laughs.

Ram: Shut up, Dee.

Dee laughs some more.

Dee: Grasya na, naging bato pa.

Ram: Shut up!

Dee: Anyare?

Ram: Ewan! Lalapit na sana ako to kiss her.Tapos, akala ko iilag siya. Inoffer ba naman yung cheeks! Tapos, ako naman, split second decision, bineso ko nalang.

Dee: Parang kapatid lang?

Ram: Yan nga sabi niya.

Dee laughs.

Ram: Shut up, Dee!

Dee: Gentleman.

Ram: Torpe.

Dee: Euphemism yun.

Ram: Shut up!

Dee laughs. 

Dee : Kamusta na kaya sila dun?

Ram: If I know, pinikot na yun ni Yumi.

Dee: Haha! Grabe ka naman. Kaka-break lang nung tao.

Ram: Kelan ba nagtagal ang lalake sa kanya?

Dee: Kung makapagsalita ‘to. Si Jigs rin kaya.

Ram: And I thought he was going all the way with Krizzy.

Dee: Oo nga. Pero napansin ko, Jigs wasn’t happy anymore.

Ram: Sayang. Tagal na nila.

Dee: Yang mga ganyang relasyon, pinapatuloy nalang yan kasi matagal na. Pero kung tutuusin, wala rin namang patutunguhan.

Ram: Is that what happened to you and Jack?

Dee: Hoy! He cheated on me.


Ram: Makes you think, no? 

Dee: Naghanap lang yun nang mapaglagyan ng titi niya.

Ram laughs.


Dee: Why do I end up with guys like him?!

Maikling Katahimikan.

Ram: Tinatanggap lang naman natin ang sa tingin natin ay nararapat sa atin.

Maikling katahimikan.

Dee: So masukista ako?

Ram: Hindi ba?

Dee: I don’t need this kind of bullshit!

Ram: Sorry.

Dee: No, not you.

Maikling katahimikan.

Ram: Ano na naman nangyari?

Dee: Tumawag si Elmer.

Ram: Ano sabi?

Dee: Talk some sense out of him daw.

Ram: And?


Ram: Dee.


Ram: Dee?


Ram: Dee!


Ram: Tanga!

Dee: I know!


Ram: Masukista ka nga.

Dee: What was I suppose to do, let him die?

Ram: Among other things!






It’s still an excerpt so don’t worry. I will definitely continue this, unlike my other works online. :p

Milk Tea


Here is my attempt at flash fiction. I hope you guys enjoy. 🙂




I saw a couple in the tea house earlier; a young couple. Maybe senior college students. They sat in front of each other. The girl was shaking her large honeydew milk tea. The guy followed suit with his chocolate milk tea. The girl wasn’t in her element. The guy noticed that, too. So he tried to do smalltalk with her.


Well, it wasn’t working. The guy was asking the wrong kind of questions. The girl had the chance to answer either a yes or a no. And she did. Then, the girl made a great deep sigh.


“Where do you think are we going?”, she said.

“I thought you were planning on an out of town trip with your parents?”

“No, this, us.”


The guy had nothing to say. He was getting fidgety on his seat. He tried to make eye contact with the girl but all she could do was stare into the marble tiles. The guy tried to tell something. He was mustering the courage to say something. But he didn’t have enough guts to say it out loud. He left. No stomping or theatrical walkouts. He just left, graciously.


The girl was left staring at the blankness of the floor.


The girl is me.