Monthly Archives: August 2012

Fast Approaching


You mean to say “Time is relative.”? Seriously? Maybe it is. Although it is measurable, sometimes I feel like time passes by too fast. Maybe because I have a lot of things on my plate. When the tough gets tougher, I just tell myself “What doesn’t kill me makes me tired.. I mean, stronger.”

What happens if it’s too fast? It’s all a blur. Drunk? Nope. Been sober for three months.


Fifteen days to go before our season premiere. Am I ready? Right now, I am far from ready. But can I do it? Of course I will! I knew what I got myself into. The least I can do is deliver. We’ve spent so much time to prepare for this. A lot of complications and disappointments along the way.

Fast approaching.


Really? An Artist?


Every night, I spend my time rehearsing for “Ang Pinakamakisig sa mga Nalunod sa Buong Daigdig”; the first production of Dulaang Atenista for the school year.

A little synopsis:
Five women discover a dead body washed upon their shores. As their men investigate its origin, they soon fall in love for the dead body. Thus, calling him the handsomest-drowned-man-in-the-whole-world.

Ok, for those of you who don’t know, I’ll be acting as Grandma (Lola). I know, Lola? It took me awhile to understand the character. I’m not that old. That’s where my mom comes in. I asked her a lot of questions about being an old woman. Good thing she took it the right way or else I might have gotten her Flaming Might.

So yeah. I had fun. A lot of laughs shared with Sheila, Yves, Shaun, and Roque.

Two days ago Kuya Ryan said each of us were artists. “Fuck people who say otherwise.”, he said.

It’s weird how epiphanies come to me in mundane situations. When I was on my way home, a thought came to me. Am I an artist? Who am I to ask that? What does it take to be an artist? What the hell is wrong with me?!

What does it take to be an artist? Do I need to starve? Do I need to die?