obnoxious witch strikes: I Learned Something New Again



Today was a very tiring day. Aside from school, the organization I’m in (Dulaang Atenista) is having an OrgTour together with other organizations in the school. We had to promote our booth and entice other students to join our org. Then we had to shoot our promotional video for our season premiere. It was fun, that I can tell. There were a lot of laughs even though we had a lot to do (not to mention Kuya Ryan still has to edit the video); a lot of fooling around, too.

Later, the cast and I (fyi: earlier last month I was casted to act for our first production) rehearsed. The Director (Kuya Ryan) didn’t tell us (or maybe I wasn’t informed) to drop our scripts but all of us dropped our scripts. One of the actors wasn’t able to join the rehearsal for personal reasons so Sil had to fill in her place.

The rehearsals went just fine. The actors and I did our own thing. Then, one of us had to leave (not me) for personal reasons (again?). Then Kuya Ryan made us run through the scenes again but this time he gave us a motivation (I won’t tell you what) and the scenes just went ENTIRELY DIFFERENT. The interpretation, the perspective, the motivation of the characters just went off the window.

That’s what I learned new today. Exploring different kinds of motivations can give the scene and the character I’m portraying a different kind of flavor. It adds texture. It’s different when I know when to deliver the lines and HOW to deliver the lines. With the motivations Kuya Ryan gave us, I learned to think like my character. Heck, for a brief time I even thought I was my character. I FELT I was my character.

This is the beauty of theater. It’s not about being someone else on stage. For me, it’s about melding the character’s soul into my own. Kuya Ryan even said as actors (and I’m paraphrasing here, ok) we have to love our characters; not just understand but actually love them; and with that love we would also love our lines.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t really love my character until I read the script over and over again. What kind of 19 year old would want to play an old hag? (hahaha! clue number 1!). Then, I started to see my mom in her (clue number 2!) which was really annoying. And then I thought, I started to see my mom in her!

This is my forte ever since I was a kid; impersonate my mom. Together with my brother, we would impersonate our mom on how she freaks out whenever someone in our family makes a booboo, or when she always pops that joke about erectile dysfunction (which I didn’t understand until I was a teenager). Oh! The horror!

So there. Today (or perhaps yesterday) was not an unlucky day for me. on the contrary, I was very fortunate to have learned something new again.


remember: life is hard. don’t make it harder than it already is.




About le miss loudmouth

Mai Santillan is a freelance content writer born and raised in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She, along with her friends from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan, founded NAGMAC (Nagkahiusang Mambabalak sa CDO) or loosely translated as United Poets of CDO. Once every two months, they organize CDO Poetry Night. She was a fellow of the 2014 Davao Writers Workshop. In her spare time, she hangs out in milk tea and coffee shops alone and eavesdrops on strangers hoping to write her next play.

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